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We bring together real and virtual assets to visualize information on smartphone cameras.

Augmented reality enables users on iOS and Android devices to scan objects and images to trigger digital content. AR leverages image recognition and computer vision technology to add a digital layer to the physical world. We want to give your customers or employees a new and innovative way to interact with your business. Most of all, we want to expand people’s imagination when it comes to your brand.


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Media-Rich Mobile Experiences.

Take customers from print to fully interactive and personalized experiences on the mobile devices they depend on every day.

GIMME360° allows you to add variable augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality content to customer-facing documents like statements, bills, and direct advertisement, making your print fully interactive.


Rapidly Deployed and Scaled.

GIMME360° fits into existing print workflows, making it easy to implement.

Use our platform to add a variable, interactive layer to print pieces with informational and promotional content created for each individual. Deliver thousands or millions of augmented reality experiences with irresistible calls to action.


Mixed Reality Platform.

Consumer AR apps can be branded to your company or integrated into your existing mobile app.

There’s an easy-to-use production portal for creating and managing campaigns. Included AR templates and a variable AR asset rendering engine helps you deliver dynamic experiences on the fly. 


The Most Advanced Augmented Reality Platform

Easily build, maintain and deliver digital experiences in the real world.  Our easy to use AR Platform uses the latest advances in computer vision and 3-D mapping for an entirely marker-less AR experience. Our software is device agnostic runs on the edge and directly to the cloud

*Our Platform is in beta right now. Sign up to get access.




It’s great to see projects like this one. As some have said, the world needs more Canada – GIMME360° is a prime example of that.


— Hon. Navdeep Bains Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development